Monday, February 29, 2016

Human Being day

Man has tried to wrest order from the chaos of the universe , no wait the universe is orderly, well sorta...but you see if you plant your crops too early they will get flooded out or freeze, plant them to late and they won't mature, so you can't trust the weather, and you and your family will surely starve and probably die.  It's not a good idea to plan a hunting trip during lambing season, either, probably  some of the things that led our ancient ancestors to invent a calendar, governed by the relatively accurate courses of the moon and stars.  So then things, like commerce and government got more complex,  people needed to know what day it was.... the Roman Senators based the length of their year on their attitude toward the Emperor at the time.  the more complex things get, the  more the  carefully the passage of time gets measured, or  it seams to be.
Leap day, is just a strange appendage waving at us, somewhere between laughter and scorn reminding us that what we designed to make us masters of our environment, has not only estranged us from our real world , but become our master.  And that for all our supposed brilliance after we created the modern calendar we still had 1/4 of a day left over and needed to find some way to include it.   We know longer need the stars , moon , trees or type of precipitation to tell us what season it is.  We can look at the bottom right corner of our computer, and see that we are late, later, latest, for some very important date.   SIGH!

 And there  I stopped. and these words have been been waiting patiently for me to complete the post since last Leap Day.    Interesting to me how that works anyway, does it mean today isn't a real day, there wasn't one last year and there won't be on next year?  I'm not sure.  But since it is  on this years calendar, people are born and die on this day, and the workday world goes on, my guess is yes.   

Now after all this time, well 4 years, I am even more convinced that we have  estranged our selves from the world around us, the seasons, our own circadian rhythm, and the tidal moonths.    We need a precise calendar for work and commerce, and for planting and harvesting, but we have been enslaved by it.  It measures our time and has helped make us Humans doing, instead of Humans being.

So I propose that on this day we celebrate being, instead of doing.  One day isn't enough time, but it is a start.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"goodbye little camera"

I walked into the UPS terminal, no one was at the desk, so I said very softly to the box in my hands, "Goodbye little camera, I will miss you."
And placed it on the counter, when I looked up there was a man standing there, I said "hello" he said "hello", and I turned and left.  Grateful at least to know that even though my faithful little camera had reached the end of it time, it would be recycled.

This little beauty was an impulse purchase about 10 years ago, and the sheer number of photos I took must have been astronomical, as soon as I realized that I could just  point, shoot and delete what I didn't like. or messed up.  My camera was always with me, in my pocket on nearly every trip, every walk, always in easy reach.  Never, ever, ever could have taken that many emulsion photos, they would have needed their own house!!, and I would have been rendered homeless from the cost.
My mantra became  'point in the general direction and  click away, one of them will turn out'

Packing up my camera was a very slow process, I really wanted to discover a  setting was wrong, thought I knew that wasn't the case. 
I packaged it lovingly and carefully, after all cameras have been believed to capture souls.  If you were to think of a camera as the way my artistic soul captures the soul of moment, it explains my take on the 
power of an image, as well as the power of a camera.  To think that you can hold an image of a moment in time, what it s that if it isn't majick?

Monday, February 22, 2016

haiku---summer memories


wait for suppertime
swing so high and touch the sky
after chores are done

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

haiku~~~~~cup of earth

Snowdrops once waited
patiently under the snow
now bloom in a cup

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Slightly Silent Sunday~~~the World has sent me a Valentine

in the blue of the sky

made by nature and man

garnished with diner food

trimmed with joys, memories and anticipation

under the moon that smiles down on my, all of our dreams

spiced by wonder and adventure

soothed by a warming fire  during a storm

embellished with whimsy

sprinkled with color

refreshed by the seasons

that dazzles with wonderments

surrounds  with love and new ideas

bedecked with imagination

gilded  with everyday surprises

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


a mans hand piles stone
rain, sunshine, carried on the wind
a seed rests then grows

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Imbolic ramble

" Clearing the way with the fiery brilliance of insight, which comes from visiting the deep, dark internal winter of our souls and seeing therein our own part in the constant and continually changing cycles of life."~~~  Donnna Henes

The  long nights of winter are over and Gaia stirs in her sleep, pulls her snowy blanket closer and returns to her slumber, knowing that she must soon wake.   It may not feel like that to us, as we crave the warmth of the sun, and the freedom of not having to wear heavy clothing  to venture out doors as our woodpiles  shrink.   Though apples, potatoes and cabbages are still in storage, something fresh form the garden, not the grocery store would be nice.  The long nights are beginning to give way to the lengthening daylight.  My thoughts turn from the stillness and reflection of winter to  longer days and wanderlust.  

The fire in the woodstove has been allowed to die out and will soon be rekindled.  There will still be snow and wind and wicked chill, but the darkest of winter is behind us now.  Welcome to the light and life and blessing of this Imbolic.

"It is better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness."  ~~The Christophers

Silent sunday~~~the way it was