Sunday, October 21, 2012

doubly sweet cookies

Cookies!  Sugar cookies.  in the shape of trick or treaters and cool decorations made with frosting! Not only are they delightfully  sugary, sweet, they are delightfully sweet to look at, and bring back the time when it was considered safe to ear the cookies handed out to Trick or Treaters.

Tick or Treaters wearing and old sheet and carrying a pumpkin pail for their much anticipated treats, these cookies are too delightful to eat, but worth savoring for the thought they express and the thought that went into them.   Somewhere between the poor who went door to door in  a past era begging for  "soul cakes" in exchange for saying prayers for the souls in Purgatory, and the costumes worn in later times with the hope of encouraging good fortune in the year ahead all  and the current popular ideas about it the idea of Hallows being a hallowed time for looking forward , prayer, introspection, and honoring the ancestors sure got lost.
Samhain Blessings and please pass the milk. 

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