Friday, November 25, 2011

HO! HO! HO!, but wait for snow

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas starts in September!!
Now the "Christmas in July" stuff only lasts for one day, and it's weird and cool to think about Christmas at what is usually the height of hot, humid weather,
but this year Christmas got an early start, there where shinny glass balls and garlands next to the Halloween candy.   I promised myself that I wouldn't start anything to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving, so today I started to put up my outdoor light display, an unseasonably warm day, I can't recall ever putting up lights while wearing shorts and a t shirt...and as a bonus the sky was beautifully blue and streaked with cirrus clouds.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving makes me crazy(er)

I got up really early this morning, so early it looked like nighttime and ploped the great big giant turkey I got for next to nothing because I am a valued customer (I think this is the first time I have ever shopped there) into the great big giant roasting pan, rubbed the poor creature with butter and seasoned it well, and hefted it into the oven,  fixed myself and alka seltzer on the rocks and went back to bed.
I was roused from my slumbers by the bombastic buzz of my alarm, I could already smell a delicious aroma from the kitchen, someone was making toast.  When I got there it turned out to be the turkey cooking so I had to make my own toast.

I hope no one ever asks me any questions about Thanksgiving. Really because I am so confused by this holiday.
I mean shouldn't we be thankful everyday? There are so many thing to be thankful for.  Some things that are huge, like the love of family and friends, freedom,and microwave ovens, and some things not so much like candy corn, comfortable broken in shoes and pens that are not out of ink.
And having Native American ancestors, am I not rooting for the wrong side when I celebrate Thanksgiving?  This has always made the celebrating of  Thanksgiving problematic.  I am so glad i gave up being a vegetarian, because that would make another conflict of conscience.

I watched South Park the other day, and that philosopher of the lunch line Eric Cartman, has made everything clear to me.  Why didn't I think of it before, of course the History Channel would have the answers I needed.  And Cartman had found it for me.  Stuffing and possibly Thanksgiving itself were inventions of Extraterrestrials!  So I scoff at those who complain that there is very little history on the History Channel,  they had enough to  answer some of my persistent questions.

Feast, Give thanks, enjoy the company of friends and family, and don't forget to leave a plate of cookies and turkey skin for the aliens, er' I mean Cartman.

to be thankful for

My wish for you, gentle readers, is that you may always be blessed with much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

look inward

At some point during the day from now on until the warmth of early summer returns I will need to rekindle the fire.  It is more than a duty, more than a necessity, it is also magical.  And I can sit and look deeply into them as I would look deeply into my own thoughts.   I feel that it is a part of waiting for spring. to turn inward,  just like the damp and chill forces us indoors. 

Man may claim to have tamed fire , but I believe that fire has tamed man.  That the first stories and may-be even the first conversations were held by the light warmth and relative safety of those prehistoric fires.  There perhaps they though and wondered about the world around them, and their place in it.

Some people see images in the fire, fierce dragons and firedrakes.  The flames are mesmerizing.  They offer only interpretation not answers.  In the crackling fire is represented the  cycle of birth, growth and death, the wheel of the year.
The sparks of an idea, the spark of imagination, the spark of creativity , soothing warmth, and reflection, a quietness of mind....... 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tis a grey day

  Tis a grey day...everything is still and quiet..even the birds are subdued today.  Find that place of stillness within...and you will find a gift waiting for you.~Megan Herbert

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November full Moon, a beginning

The Celts had the right idea. Starting the new year, after the harvest, and before winter set in.  The earth is not dead under the  frosts and snow it is resting and renewing itself, before it bursts forth in Springtime.  In a time even before books, this was a time to turn inward, not just for introspection, but for expressing ones skill and creativity, for rest and storytelling. I image that even in the poorest homes there was singing and dancing , and games to pass the long dark hours, and hobbies that couldn't be carried pout during the rush of duty that if left undone would make  the uncertainty of surviving winter all the more uncertain.  It has been less than a century since preparing for winter meant having enough kindling and fuel, potatoes, cabbages, apples and salted meat and fish to make it through the winter.

With that in mind I have decied to call this the Moon of New Beginnings.  looking forward and looking inward, new bieginnings of expression and  just standing in awe.   Dedicate it to plans that you know you can make come true, and may-be a few dreams.   To getting to know oneself, and be at ease, doing nothing but alowing rest to rejuvinate.

Itartoryuk Moon (Inuit).
Tree Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Poverty Moon (Mohawk).
Trading Moon (Cherokee).
Geese Going Moon (Kiowa).
Falling Leaves moon (Sioux).
Fledgling Raptor Moon (Hopi).
Deer Ruting Moon (Cheyenne).
Freezing River Moon(Arapaho).
Snow Moon (Mediaeval English).
Mourning Moon : Full, Dead : Dark (Janic).
Corn Harvest Moon (Taos Native American).
Snowy Morning Mountains Moon (Wishram).
All Gathered Moon (San Juan Native American).
Beaver Moon, Frosty Moon (Algonquin Native American/Colonia).

Other moon names : Fog Moon, Deer Antler Shedding moon, Oak moon, Mad moon, Storm moon, Dark moon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

nothing new under the sun

I have collected beach glass and pottery shards which have tumbled in the waves, beautiful they are; and displayed with them on the mantel amid the pretty seashell is a Japanese net float. An orb of glass that lost at sea long ago. collected, bought, and sold finally made it's way here to the piney woods.


Having seen the reports about the masses of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean, some from the tsunami in Japan and much of it just plain garbage dumped there, out of sight and our of mind. Until we get a reminder like this.

A hermit crab has made a home in the neck or a screwcap wine bottle! The bottle is neatly broken and it would seem to be a perfect home for a dapper hermit crab. I wonder though if the crab had made a home in an ancient Roman vessel if it would have the same impact.

Julia Lennon knew too.

Though I have always been a follower of  John Lennon, today is the first time I ever saw this. 
I have always thought that being happy is a most important thing. or at least being contented.  When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, what I wanted out of life, or in an interview asked what I wanted  from life; I would answer "to be happy" or "to be content" .   Now I understand the reactions I got.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clear sky

Clear skys, and crisp nights, the sun is rich and golden, one of those days when you can see back in time and forward into the future.  The woods are still, except for a foraging chipmunk or chickadee.  It feels so good to sit on the deck,soaking in the weekening warth of the sun, and look out across the garden and into the woods.  Earth has settled down for it's long nap and as much as I try to fight it, I will soon be doing the same, I am getting weary also. There are still pears, apples and pumpkins to be put up, a few seeds need to be cleaned for planting next year.  A new pit needs to be dug for the pitiful amounts of compost that will be generated over the winter.   I think next year I just might plant  popcorn, and I have already started  to make a  large heap of earth and compost for the pumpkins.   Going over and over and over the list of things that need to be done in these last few days that outdoor work is comfortable.  It is pleasant to work in a gentle snowfall, but not the chilly rains of November.A few wisps of coal smoke, can  bring back memories, that I only surface at this time of year, giving me pause.  Reflection on what was and what I wished had been,  savoring the good and  saddened by the bad, I can get lost in thought.  I have heard my parents and others, people who I thought were old, but at the time were younger than I am now,  talk about how this time of year made them nostalgic.    Clocks have been turned back, and last night at this time it was still light out, all of a sudden the nights are longer.  Winter is erasing the colors of Spring, Summer and Autmn and clearing the land so it mends and replenishes itself, and it does the same for those of us who allow it to. 
Looking up at the cloudless sky and the waxing gibbous moon, I feel the wheel of the year turn, and know that this is just a time for rest and reflecting. 

Silent Sunday with animals