Saturday, June 28, 2008


We borrow the earth from out grandchildren, and we inherit it from our I have heard it said.And that is why I recycle, anything and everything, except lunch bags. I know people who wash and dry those filmy little germ havens but......not me. Reuse, recycle and repurpose. Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. And if it is overpackaged, I just won't buy it.But, this is getting ridiculous. There is no curbside pick up where I live, might be in part do to there being no curbs. This requires me to thouroghly wash all the food containers, and store them until I have enough to make the trip worthwhile. So over time I have developed my own recycling program, and yesterday was recycling day.I loaded up my Subaru, and started out, large plastic containers, margerine,coolwhip,yogurt, for use in food storage after fellowship etc dinners, were dropped off at church, where I picked up paper, cardboard etc. to add to my stash. Then on down the road to drop off green and brown glass[ out here not all towns even accept glass]. Next stop, several miles down the road is plastic (1&2only) and steel cans, recycled by the boy scouts, who bless thier littl e hearts will let you deposit the items in plastic bags, something many places will not do. And on we go to sell out accumulated aluminum cans{paid for the gas anyway. Keep on crusin, keep on crusin" to a little shop that take all of the packing peanuts, small cardbard boxes and bubble wrap to reuse, and happens to be next to the place where I can recycle batteries. The shop keeper asked me it I would drop off cardboard for her and also some OK because I'm obsessed. A quick iced tea and I'm back on the road to drop of cardboard, magazines, and cotton fabric. By this time my car is finally has some room in it, I have a few small boxes of scrap metal left, and some cores, this is the fun stop, I like scrap yards, it reminds me of when I was little and I would go to the garbage dump with my Dad, we would pay a small fee and then drive up to the top of the hill stop and get out and toss the useless items down into a raven. There was also a large boiler at the scrap yard which I needed get a good look at.

It was by this time lunch time, and I was ready . Nothing better than than a Reuben, on homemade rye, ad a little air conditioning.

The last stop is for a small box of clear glass, the collection box is located across from the grocery store, so with my mind on the delights of day old donuts, I emerge with day old vegetables and bread.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Solstice strawberrys

I would have posted a picture of strawberries, loverly sweet strawberries from my garden, but by the light of the "strawberry moon' a family of deer ate them all. Hence the photo of foxgloves.

Today being the solstice, the day of equal night and day, from here on out the hours of daylight diminish as we sink into winter, its such a subtle change I never seem to notice that the day is getting shorter, until the first signs of autumn appear.
My mother, who is now in her 8o's, tells the story of how when she was 6 or there about she heard my grandmother talk about the longest day of the year, so off she went to pick wild strawberries, she walked quite a distance over 2 miles, picking berrys where she found them and thinking that it was "the longest day of the year",she kept on picking. Her pails were getting full when she realised it was getting dark, fast! Thought she wasn't lost, she was frightened, and started to run home. She and the berries arrived safely, but to this day she still laughs when she tells the story.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Safe in my garden an ancient flower blooms

I think I was born to be a gardener. Some of my earliest memories ar of the mudpuddle in the back yard I called my garden. I was always planting 'seeds' and profusely watering them, and when they didn't grow, I just enjoyed the mud.
An now that I am allegedly an adult, more like a senior citizen, i explain my passion by saying that gardening is the adult form of playing in the mud. Long winters are spent daydreaming of the bounty of tomatos and huge pumpkins I will grow and reading about better methods of composting. When the icy winds howl in the chimney I think of the heat of summer. Shall I compare me to a summers day, hot sweaty and dust covered......and as close to sane as I will ever be. Happy as the child playing in the dirt.

I look forward to those first days the ground is thawed and I can take my winter weary muscles out and start spading, listening to the chickadees and the wind in the still bare trees...and feeling the first warmth of spring.

We moved here about 25 years ago. The house had been lived in by a couple who had lived well into thier 90's, they and thier small family had lived off this plot.
The first year we lived here winter came early and after the long, cold winter we discovered the snowdrops and crocus, rhubarb and horseradish, spearmint and quince, currents and yellow ladyslippers they had planted. And I began my garden.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Do I believe in Fairys????????

Do I believe in fairies? I want to believe, I certainly believe in magic and mystery and imagination. I believe some things were never intended to be explained. some things just are.
I feel that if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies I should at least be open minded. But then does it really matter if they exist or not? They bring a promise of beauty, and balance to our lives. A sense of enchantment and the permission to dream.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I don't have anything to say!!!!!!!

Well actualy, I have plenty to say or I never would have started a blog. The problem is getting started, overcomming the blank page. I mean there will be people reading this...may-be. I am reminded of a statement made by Jacques Cousteau, the inventor of Scuba equipment. He was describing about a woman who in her youth, had served as a nurse on a ship that was sunk in battle, she had been rescued and now many years later had just been down in an underwater craft to see the wreckage, He said of her that now she would "be returning to the everyday adventures of life."

That statement has stayed with me, and made me alert to the everyday adventures. Those small moments like a sunset or the smell of ferns on warm summer day.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I never thought.....but I shouldda known.

I never thought I would buy a computer
I never thought I would get on the internet
I never thought I would buy a digital camera
I never thought I would start a blog,

Silent Sunday with animals